CT Lung Screening

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Low Dose CT Lung Screening is a chest CT scan that focuses on the lungs to detect lung cancer at its early stages. New CT technology and methodology finds cancer before any symptoms arise. The majority of cancers found with CT technology can be cured if diagnosed in the early stages. It saves lives and reassures healthy living through the early detection.

A study, facilitated by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) demonstrated that low-dose CT lung screenings could reduce the mortality rate related to lung cancers through an early detection program. Click here to read the special publication released by the NCI entitled “What You Need To Know About Lung Cancer”.

Results also show that people who have lung screenings are more likely to stop smoking. In response to this study, The Hill Medical Corporation initiated a low-dose CT lung screening program. We now have two ACR designated Lung Cancer Screening facilities. Please reference the information below to ensure you are a candidate for this program.

ACR Lung Center