Genetic Counseling

genetic counseling

For over 10 years, the Hill Medical Corporation has provided a lifetime breast cancer risk assessment (Tyrer-Cuzick)—now we’re proud to provide Hereditary Cancer Risk Assessments according to the NCCN (National Comprehensive Cancer Network) guidelines.

Risk assessment services are available through the Hill Imaging Center in Glendora, and the Jim and Eleanor Randall Breast Center in Pasadena, which specifically benefit patients who are at risk for inherited breast cancer.

All women are at risk to develop breast cancer, but some have a higher risk which could be due to a variety of factors, including:

  • Family history of breast or other types of cancer (on either side of the family)

Depending on your results, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with your doctor(s) to discuss your risk factors and develop a personalized breast cancer screening plan, which may include genetic counseling and/or a breast MRI.

Genetic counselors are professionals who have specialized education in genetics and counseling to provide personalized help patients may need as they make decisions about their genetic health.

A genetic counselor can:

  1. Review your family history and risk factors for breast cancer in more detail.
  2. Provide a comprehensive assessment of your breast cancer risk.
  3. Discuss whether genetic testing for hereditary cancer is right for you.
  4. Discuss additional breast cancer screening options, such as breast MRI or screening breast ultrasound.
To learn more about Genetic Counseling, visit our Patient Education page.