Vascular Ultrasound

vascular ultrasound

Ultrasound imaging of the body’s veins and arteries can help early identification of clots in veins and plaque in arteries. Ultrasound images may be used to plan or review the success of bypass procedures for blocked blood vessels such as renal (relating to the kidney) artery bypass. Ultrasound imaging of the veins may reveal blood clots that require treatment, such as anticoagulant therapy (blood thinner), or filters to prevent clots from traveling to the lungs (embolism).

Ultrasound imaging of the vascular system also provides a fast, noninvasive means of identifying blockages of blood flow in the neck arteries to the brain that might produce a stroke or mini-stroke.

The Hill Medical Corporation was one of the first imaging centers in Pasadena, California to market Vascular Ultrasound by opening up their Vascular Lab more than 20 years ago. The ACR Accredited Vascular Laboratory at Huntington-Hill Imaging Center in Pasadena performs sophisticated non-invasive cerebral, peripheral, and abdominal vascular studies.