CT Heart Screening

ct heart screening

Calcification in the coronary arteries is the earliest indicator of heart disease. Coronary Artery Calcification Scoring (CACS) uses non-invasive, high-speed computerized tomography (CT) to scan the heart to produce an in-depth view of the heart and blood vessels and determines your risk of coronary heart disease. The exam looks for calcium deposits in the arteries, and then calculates a calcium score. This score is an accurate predictor of the degree of narrowing of the coronary arteries. Taking into account other factors such as age, family history, and cholesterol level, the score will be used to measure your potential for coronary heart disease.

Using the cutting-edge CT scan technology, your scan will give you a CACS score. This score identifies the level of calcium deposits within your arteries. Identifying your risk factors early can save your life. Today, there are many treatment options for people at risk. Let us help you get the information you need about your health.

Benefits of early detection of Coronary Artery Disease include:

  • Identifying risk factors for modification to slow progression of heart disease.
  • Recommendations for follow-up medical care.
  • Peace of mind and reassurance for healthier living.

Who is a candidate for Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring?

The following factors may increase your risk for coronary heart disease and heart attacks. We recommend you get a cardiac CT if two or more risk factors apply to you.

  • You are male and over 45 years old.
  • You are female and over 55 years old, or you have passed menopause or had your ovaries removed and are not taking estrogen.
  • Your father or brother had a heart attack before age 55 or your mother or sister had one before the age of 65.
  • You smoke or you live or work with someone who smokes daily.
  • You have a cholesterol level of 240mg/dl or higher.
  • You have been told your blood pressure is high.
  • You do not exercise on a regular basis for at least 30 minutes.
  • You are 20 pounds or more overweight.
  • You have diabetes or you need medicine to control your blood sugar.

There is no special preparation for a CT heart screening – no fasting, no injections, and no ceasing of medications. If there is a possibility you are pregnant, please let our technician know.