Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

MRI scans are one of the safest of all imaging examinations. It does not require the use of ionizing radiation, and contrast media used during the MRI exam has very low incidence of side effects. It is a noninvasive medical test that helps physicians diagnose and treat medical conditions. MRI uses a powerful magnetic field, radio frequency pulses, and a computer to produce detailed pictures of organs, soft tissues, bone, and virtually all other internal body structures. MRI has become a popular imaging modality for many different injuries and medical conditions. Magnetic Resonance Imaging has revolutionized the way medical specialists look inside your body to make the most accurate medical diagnosis.

A key to MRI diagnostic accuracy lies in the strength of the system’s magnetic field. The Philips Achieva 3 Tesla (3T) MRI at Huntington-Hill Imaging Center, Fair Oaks is up to 10 times more powerful than MRI scanners found in hospitals and other imaging facilities. Our West Covina location also upgraded their unit to a 3T MRI in 2020, providing a faster exam with great imaging quality. It is the most powerful MRI imaging tool available that produces high definition images in superior detail. Detailed MRI images allow physicians to better evaluate various parts of the body to determine the presence of certain diseases that may not be assessed adequately with other imaging methods such as x-ray, ultrasound, or computed tomography (CT). The 3T MRI system can make a positive difference in a difficult diagnosis. We understand that you and your doctor have a choice when selecting an imaging provider. That is why our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art imaging systems operated by highly skilled specialists.

Additionally, our Fair Oaks location has a Siemens Espree 1.5 Tesla (1.5T) MRI machine with a wide opening which allows for a patient-friendly experience for those who are claustrophobic. This high field magnet is used to perform almost all MRI studies, including MRI-Guided Breast Biopsies. We are one of the few centers in the Southern California area who offers MRI-Guided Breast Biopsies which are performed by one of our dedicated breast specialists.

MRI machines use magnets which are ALWAYS on. It is essential that you remove ALL metal items such as jewelry and piercings before entering the MRI suite. It is equally important to inform staff both when you schedule an exam AND at your appointment check-in of any medical devices, implants, or metallic objects embedded in or on your body. You will be asked to change into a gown prior to your examination.