Guided by our mission to provide the highest quality care, The Hill Medical Corporation is taking extra steps to safeguard our patients and employees during the Coronavirus/COVID-19.

Status Update: 8/20/20

Updated information below on site operations, delays in our scheduling department, Medical Records move, COVID-19 screening process, and how we are handling cases where imaging indicates possible COVID-19.

As public health guidelines continue to change, our practice is adapting quickly and will post updates on our website as soon as possible – However, our schedulers and sites may be instructed to modify our operations and safeguarding measures before updates are posted online. Please know while we are committed to being fully focused on providing high-quality, compassionate care during this unprecedented time, our team’s number one goal is the health and safety of our patients, physicians and staff.

You may print a PDF of this update here:  COVID-19 Status Updates For Web Site 8.20.20 

A message from the American College of Radiology: ACR Patient_infographic_reopening

Scheduling Delays:

With added COVID-19 precautions and requests for appointments postponed during the spring, our schedulers are catching up as quickly as possible. We apologize for additional hold times and any delays in receiving your patient’s appointment information. For urgent assistance, please call your Hill Imaging/HHIC physician liaison. If you do not have a physician liaison, please email us to request one at:

Site Operations:

We are pleased to have reopened all our imaging and breast centers for all modalities including screening studies (mammography, DXA, heart and lung screenings, etc.).

  • Scheduling and billing offices are open Monday-Friday only.
  • No walk-in appointments are accepted for any procedure.
  • STAT/Urgent cases should call centers before sending patients; every patient must be pre-screened.

If Imaging Indicates Possible COVID-19 Diagnosis: 

We occasionally read imaging studies (typically by CT) that are suspicious for COVID based on imaging features. Because we pre-screen all outpatients at the imaging centers for COVID symptoms/history, these cases are clinically unsuspected and therefore treated as a critical value. If the radiologist is unable to reach the referring doctor within one hour, the radiologist will attempt to contact the patient directly.

Safe Guarding Measures:

We are committed to the safety and health of our patients, physicians, and staff and are taking extra steps to safeguard our imaging sites during COVID-19:

  • Masks: All patients and guests are required to wear a mask. Those without a mask will be provided one at our registration desk. Patients refusing a mask will not be able to be seen.
  • Health Screenings: During this time all patients will be asked a series of COVID-19 screening questions during the scheduling of their appointment and upon arrival at our centers. Based on the results, patients may be referred to the hospital or their healthcare provider for guidance on where to attain appropriate imaging services.

Patients and visitors cannot be seen at our sites if they have any of the following:

      • Fever – Patients’ temperatures will be taken on site.
      • Cough with Fever
      • Abdominal Pain, Diarrhea and/or Vomiting with a Fever
      • Loss of Taste or Smell
      • Shortness of Breath with a Fever
  • Supporting Social Distancing: Waiting room chairs will be relocated to allow a greater distance and signage is being added to ensure proper social distancing at registration.
  • Sanitizers: Hand sanitizer is available at registration and throughout our centers.
  • Cleanliness: In addition to adhering to the California Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control’s infection-prevention and safety standards, additional time is being allocated between patients to allow the technologists to clean the exam rooms and high traffic areas more frequently.
  • Restricted Visitor Policy: For everyone’s health and safety, patients must limit the number of visitors they bring to their appointment(s) to one person. Visitors must not exhibit any signs or symptoms of illness.
  • Rescheduling Appointments: Patients needing to reschedule an appointment can call:
      • Huntington-Hill Imaging Centers – (626) 698-7266
      • Jim and Eleanor Randall Breast Center – (626) 698-7210
  • COVID-19 Phone Line: Our hospital partner, Huntington Hospital, has a COVID-19 phone line –  (626) 397-3777.

Medical Records & IT Relocation:

Our Medical Records and IT teams are moving from 33 Wheeler Ave., Arcadia, and will be located with our scheduling, billing, and other administrative teams at 223 N. First St., Arcadia. We appreciate your patience as we finalize our transition through the end of August. Request records at:

Updates and Additional Information at:

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