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ICD-10 Coding

Beginning October 1, 2015, reimbursement for claims submitted will only be received if coded in ICD-10 diagnostic codes.

When submitting exam orders, please note the following to ensure accurate processing:

  • Laterality (if applicable include left, right, or bilateral)
  • The etiology or the cause of condition
  • Severity (i.e. chronic, acute, traumatic, or non-traumatic)
  • Signs and Symptoms (i.e. mild, moderate, severe, profound)

For Example:
If “pain” is the symptom, specify the type or location of pain (i.e. for chest pain – intercostal, precordial, pain on breathing, etc.)

All accidental and injury diagnosis must include whether the injury is A, D, or S:

  • A – Initial encounter (i.e. broken bone)
  • D- Subsequent encounter (i.e. follow up to check healing process after casting)

S – Sequela (i.e. imaging for an old injury)

ICD-10 conversion tool

For your convenience, an ICD-10 conversion tool is available.

ICD-10 Helpline

If you’re unclear or need assistance with coding, please contact us on the ICD-10 Helpline at: 626-203-4876.