3D Mammography/Tomosynthesis

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis or 3D mammography is state-of-the-art technology using x-rays to produce a three dimensional digital image of the breast in conjunction with a 2D image obtained with traditional digital mammography.

Tomosynthesis uses x-rays to image the breast, and rotates around the breast while taking multiple images. Those images are then assembled to produce a highly focused 3D image. Tomosynthesis allows radiologists to gain better visualization of the breast, which is the primary benefit of this new technology.

Artificial Intelligence for 3D mammography

The Hill Medical’s subspecialized Breast Imaging doctors are thrilled to offer the area’s first and only FDA-cleared Artificial Intelligence software (AI) at all of our 3D tomosynthesis mammography centers. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a clinical software program that serves as a second of eyes for the breast imaging radiologist reading your mammogram. The program rapidly analyzes each 3D image in the mammogram and alerts the physician to any suspicious areas that may warrant a closer look.

There are benefits to using this technology that include, greater clarity, early detection of breast abnormalities, reduction in the number of call backs for additional studies, and shown to be beneficial for women with dense or extremely dense breasts.

They are covered and paid for by Medicare, and most private insurers, but we always we encourage patients to check with their health insurance to confirm it is included in their plan or if an authorization is needed.

If the patient’s health insurance does not include 3D, there is an additional cost of $100 for 3D.  A 20% discount will apply to the 3D fee if paid in full at time of service.

3D Mammography or tomosynthesis is available at two of our breast centers:

Schedule online or call us at (626) 772-HILL (4455).

AI in mammography is available to any patient having a 3D mammogram. The software program is a new and improved version of computer aided detection and is used on every 3D mammogram completed at our breast centers.

When paired with a subspecialized breast imaging radiologist and 3D imaging, AI software is clinical proven to:

  • increase sensitivity to areas of breast changes by an average of 8%.
  • increase specificity of breast cancer detection by an average of 6.9%.
  • reduce recalls from screening mammography by an average of 7.2%, which in turn reduces costs and radiation.

Artificial Intelligence picture

AI is covered in the cost of the 3D mammogram.