Management of National Shortage of Contrast Media for Radiologic Studies

May 16, 2022 – Ongoing supply chain issues resulting from the pandemic continue to impact many different industries, including radiology. Currently there is a national shortage of the contrast media used for radiology studies like CTs and X-rays. Please be advised that we are working to minimize the impact to your patients and will update you as the situation changes.

Why is there a shortage of contrast media?

Some of the contrast media we use is produced in Shanghai, China where new COVID-19 lockdowns have impacted supplies across the country. While we also have a vendor in another country, demand for their product has increased as a result of the shortage from China. Additional information on the shortage can be found at:

How long is the shortage expected to last?

Current estimates suggest that the shortage will last through at least June. Some experts have encouraged imaging centers and hospitals to prepare for limited supplies through the remainder of 2022.

How is Huntington-Hill Breast & Imaging Centers managing the issue?

We are seeking all options of contrast alternatives and communicating daily with our imaging centers and hospital partners to distribute supplies as appropriate.

 Additionally, The Hill Medical Corporation radiologists and imaging center directors are reducing dose amounts when appropriate and reviewing cases to ensure that contrast is in fact needed. If it is determined that the patient’s study can be adequately completed without contrast, we will notify the referring physician to discuss the possibility of revising the order.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of our imaging center managers or radiologists at: (626) 772-HILL (4455).


We will blast fax updates as we have more details. We will also post these on our website under News & Events: