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Don’t settle for just any radiologist.

Imaging is important. Scans like MRI, CT and X-ray help your doctors determine diagnoses and even treatment plans. You owe it to yourself to make sure the radiologist reading your scans is highly qualified. At Huntington-Hill Imaging Centers, every Hill radiologist is board certified and subspecialized, which means they have the extra training and expertise to detect subtle irregularities that others may miss. So next time your doctor orders imaging, ask the right questions and make a decision you can feel good about. Because not all radiologists are fully trained, or fully focused — on you.

What is a subspecialized radiologist?

After their medical specialty education is completed, many radiologists pursue further studies through fellowship training, subspecializing in a particular disease, such as cancer, or a specific body part (breast or heart, for instance) or organ system, such as the neurological, musculoskeletal, or vascular systems. They are known as subspecialty radiologists. Their extra training gives them a eye for catching things that other general radiologists might miss.


Our board-certified radiologists, representing multiple areas of subspecialty expertise, have served the Southern California area for decades providing cutting-edge diagnostic imaging, interventional radiology, vascular care, and breast care.

Hill Medical Radiologists are:

  • Known for their highly sub-specialized practice
  • Expertise in various specialties
  • Have Board of Certifications and Certificates of Added Qualifications from the American Board of Radiology
  • On-site to address patient concerns, interpret scans, and communicate with referring physicians

Our radiologists and staff are dedicated to providing patients with the highest caliber of medical care and exceeding the expectations of referring physicians.