The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a massive delay in patients getting their screening mammograms, among other early detection and preventative exams. The fear of going out to doctors appointments and screening exams has delayed care for patients at alarming rates. Sadly, cancer and other diseases have not stopped because COVID-19 is here.

Delayed mammograms have resulted in delayed diagnoses, which have resulted in delayed treatments, and ultimately resulting in an increase in later-staged and sometimes more aggressive cancers. Later staged cancers are harder and more expensive to treat. Additionally, patients have more treatment options when a cancer is found earlier, at a stage 0, 1 or 2.

it’s safe to be seen!

Our teams are fully focused on the safety and health of our patients, physicians, and staff. That’s why our sites can remain open, and patients can safely be seen for their imaging appointments and screening studies. In fact, health organizations across the country are encouraging patients to return to screenings and treatments. Learn more about all our safety measures here.

So don’t delay and schedule today! We have open appointments for screening mammograms this week. Once COVID-19 numbers improve, we anticipate an extremely high demand for mammograms and very full schedules. Schedule your annual screening mammogram TODAY!

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